Monday, June 8, 2009

Short Story [Preview]

"How? How could you turn my life upside down like this? Why??", screamed Alison. Daniel answered, " You are the one, Alison, you are the one. I had done nothing with you and your life. You are the one who ruined your life."

"How... How could.. you do this to me??", Alison answered, seems to be lost in her own world, teary eyed.

She has lost it. She has lost everything she owned. Her multi-million dollar business, her new mansion on the hilltop, the man she loved her whole life, family and friends, if she have any. She has lost her life. The only life she ever lived.

It all happened with ONE word. BETRAYAL.

She trusted him with her heart and her soul. But, he betrayed her trust.

All her life, she had never loved anyone like him. He was her perfect match made in heaven. Her friends says so. Her family says so. She FEELS so.

They met in Paris when Alison went there for a friend's wedding. He was a friend of the groom's, and he was there on his backpacking trip, and to attend his friend's wedding. She feels something for him at the very moment she set her eyes on him. She called it love at first sight, and ignores the increased heart beat and blushing.

*will be continued*

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xiaowen23 said...

u're good..
faster continue ler!!
i wan c i wan read!!

Anonymous said...

hi dear, thanks for your comment.

will post when i am free to write.. :) will certainly notify you when it's finally ready :)