Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wheesung - You Are the Only One

Do you know how feel tonight
Do you feel my heart bleeding one
No, you can not imagine that
I've waiting for you for entire my life.
Now you here for me as you were
and you smiled at me in the candle light
just for the night you and I

*You're the only one I loved. Lay by my side.
Why so long till you be back. Feel my tear drops.
You did make me sane before when you leave me.
Now I'm fine 'cause you here with me.

Do you remember how we loved
and do you have my name in your heart.
No, you don't have to answer me
just now I'm feelin' from your tears swept over me
Now you here for me as you were.
Please don't do it break my heart again
and I don't want to cry.

* Repeat

All the lights out of me without you
and I cried and I prayed again.
Just let me know and how you feel without me.
In the deep mist I couldn't find you.
I spent the nights many lonely nights.
Just I'm missing you (missing you)
with broke my heart (broke my heart).
Baby give it back to me my smiling days

Source: Wheesung - You Are The Only One Lyrics @ LyricsTime.com

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